3 Things to help kickstart your Pinterest.

Just like Twitter and Facebook emerged as necessary business tools, now it’s Pinterest. I know, it’s exhausting. Well acutally, Pinterest is good fun and has a significant ability to drive people towards your online empire. It can, currently, help with SEO and has a knack for mini viral explosions, which can’t be bad if your company name is tied to each and every repin.

Pushing Pinterest. 3 Things to help kickstart your Pinterest.

Cautious Train is a small company. There are only two of us. This means that our social media, which is an essential element of our (and your) business, has to be efficient and one of the best bits of advice we were given was to divide our duties. For example, I run Google+, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest and a handful of the smaller fiddly ones. Sara has the mammoth responsibility of Twitter and Facebook. You might be in the same boat – a lot of sites to run and bufferapp only goes so far.

So, my 3 things to help you kickstart a Pinterest empire. After all, Pinterest is the fasting growing social network site ever, so I hope these tips can give you a leg up. I’m no guru or self-proclaimed SEO wizard, just a start-up business throwing out some self-taught advice.

1) Build something coherent before you draw attention.
Well yep, I definitely made this mistake. Like telling everyone about a great new circus that hasn’t even set up. In fact, there are a lot of big companies out there who continue to neglect Pinterest, despite having a healthy number of followers. I’m not going to point any fingers.

  • Your first follower should be landing in a Pinterest environment with at least 3 boards to spike interest, with a healthy dose of pins in each.
  • Half of those pins should be your own. Repins are used to surf trending waves whereas you should be loading your own content in.
  • Half of that should be content by YOU. Not just “Pin It” button work, but photos/videos of your own stuff. I’m still guilty of this – we’ve a lot of video work to put up, so that is balancing it out. More on Pinterest Video Tactics in a later blog.
  • Now this is up for a big ol’ psychology debate (please do comment on this and tell me one way or the other), but I believe that when the eye lands on text it has to go from the left (in english) whereas when the eye is offered the Pinterest spread, it roves freely, beginning from the middle. So my plan has been to have the powerhouse board front, top and centre and the other high traffic boards running off of it. There’s a rearrange button circled on the image.

2) Cultivate tangental interests. (or) How I learned to stop worrying and got a Pin It button.

Mix your business in with the interesting stuff. There’s a reason I put my two business boards on the top row at either end. Be creative because a huge turn off is to be all product and zero (p)interest – being in the film industry is handy because of the surrounding entertainment factors, but the industry you’re in might not be so easy. So again, be creative and go tangental.
  • Get a Pin It button. Go get your Pinterest button and start building your empire.

3) Linking, SEO and funnelling your Pinterest traffic.

Pin referral links are no follow. The description links are nofollow too, but description links have some SEO weight. If this doesn’t shake your world, then, well, good for you. For the rest of us who are scrambling for a bite of SEO improvement, this is a wonderful news.
Pinterest pin example: Booktrailers by Cautious Train
  • Link back to your appropriate landing page in descriptions. I’d say this will disappear soon, so use it whilst you can. The beginning and end of the url does get clipped, so don’t worry about that, it’ll still link.
  • As with every other social media, make sure you’re feeding back into each other. No harm in having a stronger network.
  • Organise your boards well and think about where they will fall in the categories and what your Pinterest competition might be. This is a relatively new feature and a great way to research repin options.
Some links to further your search.

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What are your Pinterest start up tips? Drop in a comment.
Cheers and happy Pinning,
Tom of the Cautious Train

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