Slideshare video integration is a handy way to infuse your video content into the SEO-rich slideshare format.

Following on from Youtube to Slideshare: 3 Essential SEO Tips, this blog will look at how your video content can be integrated with Slideshare. Planning, Options and Tips for Slideshare video… what’s not to love?

This slideshare video blog is part 4 of 5 of the Business Video series. The other parts of this blog series can be found here:

Introduction: 5 Sites & 5 Strategies

  1. Youtube & Vimeo
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. [This Blog] Slideshare
  5. Vine



One of the big outcomes of the Youtube to Slideshare post was that Planning is going to make your Slideshare Video days much happier. The bigger initial perspective you can get, the better.

  • Where does the Slideshare Video combo sit in the overall marketing plan? Does it dovetail video content and slideshare content only or does it move forward certain aspects?
  • Is this going to be an outlet purely for SEO, or act as Lead Generation, or both?



Slideshare built-in video options come down to embedding either a single video, or multiple.

  • Find your My Uploads > Find your chosen Slideshare and hit Edit > then Add Video

Then you’ve got a screen like this, where you can seed the video at any stage of the Slideshare, landing them between slides. Handy if you want to stagger videos, have video demonstrations of certain points and so on…


Slideshare Video

This is the strongest video option for Slideshare in my opinion – the ability to embed video between slides provides a multitude of uses. You’re video will be given a little corner sticker denoting that it includes a Youtube Video:

Slideshare Video Sticker

  • The single video option, as displayed in the below Slideshare for Social Media Business Essentials: Analytics, is the product of that Slideshare being a direct representation of the video.
  • My ideal structure was to get anyone landing on Slideshare to reroute to our stronger Youtube portfolio, so including an additional CTA for this helped. These can be easily designed within Powerpoint and Slideshare.

Slide Video Youtube

I’m currently working on adding a few catalogue/explainer slideshares – one for each of our video services: our Promotional Videos and Showreels, for example, should work great as a modified explainer/slideshare with slideshare video examples embedded in between text slides.

I’ll keep you posted on progress, but suffice to say, if you’re reading this, then it isn’t done yet :)

  • The paid Slideshare options allow direct video uploads, similar to classic youtube. We’ll stick to talking about the free integration options for this blog.



  •  The slideshare viewer knows there is a youtube video, but not when and how many. Sounds devious, but it just means you can surprise a viewer with another way to view content. This means your Youtube Thumbnails are vitally important for slideshare video clicks and conversion. If you have the time, tailor them specifically to the presentation. Make the thumbnail a CTA.
  • Videos don’t autoplay, so bear that in mind. You’re not going to get everyone watching. There’s a reason they’re on Slideshare and not Youtube.
  • Match themes and style – let customer flow and user experience influence the whole presentation.
  • Set links to the Slideshare from your Youtube account to integrate the two. Make an interesting CTA for your Slideshare.
  • Consider the ease of Contact and Lead Generation (particularly with the paid Slideshare option) from within Slideshare. You can evaluate the order in which viewers get to see these options.


Further Thoughts

Slideshare is a bit of a content chimera in that it isn’t just a place to dump powerpoints and hope for link juice. It can be a dynamic multi-content viewer with a host of options. The strength of the embedding options available are improving.


 Tell me about your Slideshare experiences with video content in the comments!


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